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Volunteer with Art in Action


There are lots of opportunities to volunteer with Art in Action! If you are interested in any of these, please send an email to

    ARTbox Assembler
    ARTbox assemblers pack lesson materials and put together art materials kits for new and licensed Art in Action schools. Assemblers pack lesson-specific sets of paper and templates; bags of pencils, yarn, raffia, beads, and ink; and boxes of paints, brushes, pastels, brayers, and glue to be used in classrooms during the upcoming school year. Volunteers of all ages are welcome; student ARTbox assemblers can earn community service credit for their volunteer hours. If you wish to attend an upcoming packing day or schedule a corporate volunteer event for your group, please contact us. contact us.

    Office Volunteer
    Office volunteers work at Art in Action doing a variety of jobs, such as event planning, data entry, writing, research, and curriculum development. Volunteers, who should be at least 15 years old, commit to working over an extended period of time, usually for three hours a day, between one and three days a week. Office volunteers earn community service credit for their volunteer hours. If you are interested in being an office volunteer, please contact us.

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  • School Volunteers
  • Special Projects
  • Office Support
  • Summer Opportunities for Students
  • Board and Committee Membership

School Volunteers

School Coordinator
A school coordinator is the liaison between the school and Art in Action. The school coordinator organizes the Art in Action program at his or her school by assembling a team of docents, scheduling classes, planning art shows, and working with the Art in Action staff to ensure the quality and consistency of the program. School coordinators meet with Art in Action’s Program Director to learn how to structure the program at their schools and to share ideas for implementation of the program in a variety of school environments. School coordinators are most active at the beginning and end of the school year. They usually spend several hours a week during these times, in addition to an hour or two a week during the rest of the school year. If you are interested in being the school coordinator at your school, email us.

Docents are trained volunteers or teachers who teach Art in Action curriculum to students during the school year. After attending training sessions in which they learn about the masterpieces, concepts, and techniques used in the program, docents teach one lesson every other week during the school year. Each lesson takes about one hour, in addition to prep time. Docents can choose to teach either individually or with a team, and can work in either their own child’s classroom or another class or school that does not have enough volunteers. If you are interested in being a docent at your school, contact your school coordinator. If you are interested in being a docent at a school other than your child’s, please contact us.

Art Show Curator
Art show curators collect, mount, and display student artwork from their schools for our monthly local library shows. They hang artwork on a designated day each month, working with curators from other nearby schools. Curators spend about three hours during the week preceding each show from November through April, and before the summer art show in late June. If you are interested in being a curator, contact your school’s school coordinator.

Special Projects

Community Curator
Community curators help collect, mount, and display student artwork in local public venues such as coffee shops, cafes, banks, businesses, and district offices. They can also work displaying student artwork in the Art in Action gallery. Curators may spend two to three hours gathering, labeling, and hanging artwork for each show, depending on the specific requirements of the venue. If you are interested in being a community curator, please contact us.

Event Coordinator
Event coordinators help plan specific community and fundraising events for Art in Action. They may organize event logistics, solicit support from local businesses, send invitations, plan activities, set up facilities, and help staff the event. Depending on the scale of the event, coordinators may spend several hours a week for two or three months planning, both with the Art in Action staff and independently. If you are interested in finding out about upcoming events that require volunteer coordinators, please email us.

Office Support

Office Assistant
Office assistants help with a variety of tasks including data entry, mailings, fundraising, event planning, and public relations. Office assistance is needed on an ongoing basis, but specifically in June, September, and October for data entry and November and May for mailings. Office assistants can work on a flexible schedule, either in the Art in Action offices or from home. If you are interested in volunteering as an office assistant, please email us.

Technical Support
Tech support volunteers help keep Art in Action’s computers and website updated and running smoothly. Tech volunteers provide periodic analysis of and ongoing support for our internal system, software, and hardware. Assistance usually involves visits of one to three hours as needed. If you are interested in volunteering technical support, please contact us.

Training Coordinator
A training coordinator helps set up and clean up training facilities and materials, and may assist in signing in training attendees. A training manager is needed daily from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. for each fall training session, from mid-September though mid-October. If you are interested in working as a training coordinator, please email us.

Summer Opportunities for Students

ARTcamp Intern
Do you enjoy working with kids? Do you have a passion for art? Are you at least 15 years old?
Check out the Art in Action summer ARTcamp internship! Interns work directly with an art teacher assisting them with art projects and supervising outdoor camp activities. Interns work with small groups of K-3 students in a classroom setting or at a Recreation Center. Interns work Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and are expected to commit to working a minimum of 3 weeks during the summer ARTcamp period. They will earn community service credit for their volunteer hours. ARTcamp is held in Burlingame, Campbell, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo, and Sunnyvale.

Job application for ARTcamp teachers and interns

Please go to below link for fingerprinting locations in your area.

Tech Volunteer
Tech volunteers work on various projects as needed. Previous tech interns have helped build online teacher resources for Art in Action using Flash technology, Final Cut Pro, and film, while others have worked on animation for our online teacher support project. Tech volunteers earn community service credit for their volunteer hours. To find out about the upcoming projects available to tech volunteers, please send us an email.

Board and Committee Membership

Advisory Board
Advisory board members support Art in Action with advice and counsel based on their specific areas of expertise. Advisory board members are community volunteers with experience in art, education, business, publicity, or fundraising who can offer one-on-one support to Art in Action staff members as needed. While advisory board members are not expected to attend meetings, they are welcome to participate in all Art in Action events and activities. Advisory board members may also become executive board members. If you are interested in joining our advisory board, please contact us.

Executive Board
Executive board members are the directors of the Art in Action Foundation. They meet as a full group five times a year, and in smaller committees during non-meeting months. Board members serve on at least one committee, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the organization, such as finance, marketing, public relations, fundraising, programs, or events. Board members attend meetings and special events, help raise funds to support Art in Action, and generate support for the mission and activities of the organization. For more information about our executive board, please send us a note.

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