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Domenico Ghirlandaio



Anholt, Laurence, Leonardo and the Flying Boy A story about two boys who worked in Leonardo's studio and workshops. The book is enlivened by Anholt's paintings and drawings, and especially enhanced by some of Leonardo's own sketchbook illustrations.

Barter, James, Artists of the Renaissance A book about the contributions of the artistic giants of the Italian Renaissance, including the lives and accomplishments of painters, sculptors, and architects who represent the early and High Renaissance.

Blizzard, Gladys S., Come Look with Me: Enjoying Art with Children A collection of 12 works of art in an interactive art book that engages the imagination as well as the eye.

Dickens, Rosie, & Jan McCafferty, Usborne Art Ideas, Drawing Faces This book's illustrations are colorful and beautifully laid out. Presents a variety of techniques for representing the human face in different media.

Guarnieri, Paolo, A Boy Named Giotto This story tells the legend of how Giotto, a young shepherd boy living near Florence, became a world famous artist who painted magnificent frescoes in churches.

Halliwell, Sarah, The Renaissance: Artists and Writer Describes the main characteristics of early, high, and northern Renaissance art and literature, focusing on thirteen artists, including Uccello, Michelangelo, and Ghirlandaio.

Morrison, Taylor, The Neptune Fountain Morrison uses a first-person narrative to explain the process of creating a work of art.

Sabuda, Robert, Uh-Oh, Leonardo! : The Adventures of Providence Traveler The mouse inventor, Providence Traveler, and her friends go back to sixteenth-century Florence for zany exploits with her hero, Leonardo da Vinci. This action-adventure story communicates the importance of science, creativity, and following one's dream.

Waldman, Naomi, The Italian Rennaisance In this easy-to-read format, the author covers Italy's golden rebirth in the Middle Ages, when, particularly in Florence and the north, commerce, art, and scholarship flourished.

Waterfield, Giles, Faces This book shows a variety of portraits from many periods and countries and explains what the artists were trying to convey.


Vecchie Letrose, Renaissance Music, Syntagma Musicum, 1999 



     California 1.2 Describe how artists use tints and shades in painting.
     California 1.4 Compare and contrast two artworks made by the use of different art tools and media (e.g., watercolor, tempera, computer).
     California 1.5 Identify and describe elements of art in works of art emphasizing line, color, shape, texture, space, value.
     California 2.1 Explore ideas for art in a personal sketchbook.
     California 2.4 Create artwork based on the observation of objects and scenes in daily life, emphasizing value changes.
     California 3.2 Research and identify artists from his or her own community, county, or state and discuss local or regional art traditions.
     California 3.5 Write about an artwork that reflects the student’s own cultural background.
     California 5.2 Write a poem or story that is inspired by their own artwork.

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